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Key Waste Solutions Ltd
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About Us

Since 1998 Key Waste Solutions Ltd have been providing a range of services tailored to our customer requirements. We deal with commercial and industrial businesses and have been particularly successful working with food and beverage manufacturers and distributors.

Our services result in:

  • Cost savings
  • Improved handling and housekeeping
  • Reduced day to day involvement by operational managers
  • Compliance with all relevant environmental legislation
  • Increased recycling rates and enhanced environmental credentials
  • Waste and recycling reports and statistics to monitor performance against agreed goals and help in decision making

We provide advice, audits and consultancy, when we review your current arrangements and any planned developments to identify what changes are necessary or beneficial. We will identify and quantify the relative benefits and limitations of the alternatives, having regard to your individual business priorities and then calculate the costs and savings that will result. Having prepared a plan, we will help you implement the changes and monitor the results. Throughout this we will advise you on your legal obligations.

There are many specialist waste and recycling contractors providing a range of services. We can use our broad network and expertise to arrange the most appropriate contractors for your various waste streams, acting as brokers or prime contractors. As part of this process we will also audit the subcontractors to ensure that they have the relevant licences and permits and issue the correct paperwork.

By utilising our expertise in identifying and introducing practical waste handling systems,  specifying and supplying specialist equipment, auditing and managing subcontractors and providing periodic reports we can offer a "one stop shop”. We can therefore take on total responsibility for the management of your waste disposal, we will employ any subcontractors on your behalf and provide you with a single monthly report and invoice / return.

We will even back our recommendations with our own money, offering fixed cost contracts or shared risk & reward contracts where we work in partnership with you to ensure that we maximise recycling rates and minimise costs. This may even include the provision of free equipment to convert recyclable waste materials into its most useful form for storage, collection and recycling.


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