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Find equipment for your waste

You may be confused by the huge range of waste handling machinery that is available from a multitude of manufacturers. Especially since there may be several alternative types of equipment that the suppliers claim can all be used on the same waste stream.

For example you could put waste cardboard into a 2 or 4 shaft shredder, vertical, horizontal, semi-automatic or fully automatic baler, portable, static or rotary compactor. You can handle the cardboard by hand or utilising a conveyor, air duct, auger, chute, binlifter, by forklift with clamps, rotator or tipping bin. This choice or confusion exists before we even consider the equipment size, specification or manufacturer!

Key Waste Solutions are not tied to any single manufacturer or equipment type and have over 20 years experience specifying, developing and supplying waste machinery. This can range from a single item to a complete waste recycling facility. We pride ourselves on providing honest and objective solutions and supplying the best type of machine for your specific requirements.

We start this process by identifying your waste types, quantity, size, how and where it is generated, site layout, space, priorities and budget. We will then discuss alternatives, their pros and cons to determine which will provide the "best fit” to your circumstances.

Once the equipment type is identified we will discuss the options and modifications that can be specified or recommended.

Finally we will work through the different ways of financing the equipment, whether this is outright purchase, lease finance, rental, including or excluding various maintenance packages. We may even offer you free equipment in exchange for some of your recyclable materials.

Once we have installed the equipment we will provide all necessary training, ongoing engineering back up and can also manage all your waste streams so will continue to support you for as long as you wish.

In addition to supplying a large range of waste handling machinery we can also service and repair your existing equipment via our network of independent qualified engineers. This includes full factory refurbishments and integration or upgrades of old or worn machines. To find out more contact us with the details of your existing equipment and see what we can provide !

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