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I need a waste audit / survey

Businesses want to reduce costs, maximise revenue, comply with legislation, enhance their environmental image, improve systems and processes to reduce labour, streamline material flows and have timely, accurate useful data. But knowing where to start can be difficult so please read on.

Key Waste Solutions Ltd can provide an independent audit of your current waste handling and disposal arrangements. With over 20 years of experience specifying waste equipment, designing site layouts, managing waste contracts, advising on waste and environmental legislation and defending businesses from prosecution we have the breadth of knowledge to cover most of your waste and environmental requirements. In the unlikely event that we don’t have the answer then we will tell you and invariably know where to go to get the answers.

Our starting point is to discuss your current waste types, quantities, methods of handling, destinations and costs. We want to know what works for you and what challenges you are facing as well as any future plans that will impact on the waste.

A site visit is usually required to inspect the size, layout, space or height limits, access restrictions and way of operating so that any proposals we make will be viable and take into consideration your particular circumstances.

We will then make recommendations on the improvements that you can introduce, outlining the benefits and implications of any proposed changes so that you can weigh up the relative financial and operational pros and cons. Remember, every £1 saved on waste handling and disposal is another £1 on your bottom line

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