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I need on site destruction

Manufacturers and distributors of all types of product have to dispose of finished and packaged goods from time to time. This may be due to underfills, mislabelling, faulty product or packaging, life expired or discontinued items or simply lack of sales.

Whilst all businesses strive to minimise wastage, some is inevitable, especially where quality standards are high and anything that falls under-specification is rejected.

To maintain brand confidence and security you need to be sure that the rejected products cannot find their way onto the black market or be confused with the real thing.

Key Waste Solutions provide a range of solutions to guarantee destruction of rejected goods. These can be located on the manufacturers or distributors premises to minimise transport costs, ensure security and accountability, allow for destruction as and when required and minimise costs. They can also be designed to maximise recycling rates, perhaps allowing materials to be reworked or reused or treated on site.

We have a great deal of experience destroying packaged fluids and separating the packaging from the contents whether it is steel or aluminium cans or tins, plastic bottles or drums, glass bottles and jars, tetrapacks or sachets.

We can even supply the equipment, manpower and audit trail for short term, one off, on site product destruction, for example following a product recall.

Whatever your secure product destruction requirements, whether it is packaged medicines through to vehicle components just contact us and we will have a solution.

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